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The registration of the National Textile Bargaining Council was the result of the registered union party and the registered employers’ organization in the same industry adopting a Constitution that complies with the statutory requirements and this took place in January 2004.

The founding parties have agreed to the establishment of the bargaining council for amongst others the following objectives:

  • to encourage party co-operation to advance the interests of the industry;
  • to perform the functions of a Bargaining Council as set out in the Act;
  • to regulate collective bargaining and industrial action in the industry, in the sub-sectors and in any sections;
  • to regulate the relationship between the parties at all levels;
  • to promote cohesion of representation among employees and avoid fragmentation of centralized bargaining;
  • to conclude agreements, which promote economic sustainability, social, equity, viability, fair labour standards and skills development; and
  • to give effect to the purposes of the Act.

In line with its stated objectives, the powers and functions of the bargaining council is detailed in its constitution.

The registered scope of the National Textile Bargaining Council as detailed in its Constitution consists of the following sub-sectors/ sections:

  • Woven Crochet and Knitted Narrow Fabric Sub-sector
  • Manufactured Fibres Sub-sector
  • Carpets Sub-sector
  • Wool and Mohair Section
  • Worsted Section
  • Woven Cotton Textile Products Sub-sector
  • Non Woven Textiles Sub-sector
  • Home Textiles Section
  • Blankets Section

It is compulsory for all employers who fall within the Registered scope of the Council, to register with the Council and abide by the terms and conditions of the Main Collective Agreement as gazetted.

The constitution of the National Textile Bargaining Council and the Main Collective Agreement for the Textile Industry, are available on the website.

You are encouraged to read further and interact directly with the Secretariat of the Council, from whom further details may be obtained.

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