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Home Textiles
  2KG Investments CC t/a 2KG Clothing

AC Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd

African Sketchbook CC

Aliyah's Creations CC

Alzam Trading (Pty) Ltd

Antelope  Creations (Pty) Ltd

Aslam Chattha International Trading (Pty) Ltd

Astro Linen

Beula Fashions (Pty) Ltd

Bhadelia Wholesalers CC

Blanket Plaza (Pty) Ltd t/a H&F Manufacturing

Calverine Trading (Pty) Ltd

Cass Bux Trading CC

Cape Linen CC

Cavelli Linen (Pty) Ltd

Chattha Brothers (Pty) Ltd

Classique Quilters CC

CMT Direct Manufacturers CC

Colibri Towelling (Pty) Ltd

Cotton Traders CC

Cruso Trading CC

Dhooges Textiles (Pty) Ltd

Diana's Linen Factory CC t/a Riverdesi

Dimowize (Pty) Ltd

Elaines Embroidery CC

Fine Linen Manufacturers CC

First Factory Shops (Pty) Ltd t/a Dez Linen Manufacturers

Francol Investments (Pty) Ltd

Global Source Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd

Glodina (Pty) Ltd

Hospitality Suite CC

Instyle Linen CC

Isabella Faith Creations (Pty) Ltd

Kats Linen & Clothing (Pty) Ltd

Keep It Together Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd

Khanadler Investments CC t/a 360 Degrees Interiors

Kriptek Textile Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Laundry Services t/a Indlovu Manufacturers CC

La Ciudad Import and Export (Pty) Ltd

Len Trading (Pty) Ltd

Leesen Textiles CC

Linen Drawer CC

Linen & Gift Distributors CC

Linen Tech CC

Loomcraft Fabrics (Pty) Ltd

Marli Trading (Pty) Ltd

Mahek Linen CC

Maytex Carding CC

Maye Investment Trust t/a Maytex

Ma Wahid CC

Mozimax (Pty) Ltd

Miss Lynn CC

Nadz Fashions CC

Northern Textile Mills (Pty) Ltd t/a Joshtex

Naidu’s Curtaining and Decor cc

Nyati Health Products (Pty) Ltd

Orlim Manufacturing CC

Paul Steiger

Pres Les (Pty) Ltd

Procall Consultants (Pty) Ltd

Quilting Innovations CC

Romatex Home Textiles

Rossatex CC

Republic Umbrella Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd

Sairam Holdings (Pty) Ltd

Safia Atif Trading (Pty) Ltd

Sama Group (Pty) Ltd

Secprop 193 Investments (Pty) Ltd t/a 2MCO

SG CG Trading (Pty) Ltd

Sheraton Textiles (Pty) Ltd

Sheraton Textiles Holdings (Pty) Ltd

Smania Investments

Snuggle Time CC

SLS Investments (Pty) Ltd

SP Linen (Pty) Ltd

Stapops Trading (Pty) Ltd

Sunningdale Trading (Pty) Ltd

Tapestry Home Brands (Pty) Ltd t/a Volpes

Tasneens Linen (Pty) Ltd

Telique Trading (Pty) Ltd

Thats Linen (Pty) Ltd

The Blinds Syndicate CC

Upway Trading CC

Vawda's Curtaining

Vie De Luxe (Pty) Ltd

Voil Centre CC ta The Voil Centre

Waltex Carpets CC

Wesco Fabrics (Pty) Ltd

Winter Night Investments CC

WL Cole (Pty) Ltd

Xenocorp 251 CC

Yehuea Trading (Pty) Ltd

Yahweh Fashions (Pty) Ltd

Y2K Embroideres CC

Zaydtex CC

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NTBC Constitution

NTBC Main Collective Agreement
Code of Good Practice Basic Conditions of Employment and Pregnancy
Code of Good Practice on the Arrangement of Working Time

Code of Good Practice on Employment of Persons with Disabilities

NTBC COVID-19 Lockdown
Collective Agreement
NTBC Main Collective Ammending Agreement - 24 December 2020
NTBC Extension to non parties of the employer and trade union agency shop collective agreement
NTBC Amending Agreement - 24 August 2021
NTBC Amending Agreement - 14 October 2022

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