National Textile Bargaining Council


Woven Cotton

ACA Group (Pty) Ltd & Southern Sewing Threads

Aerodyne Research Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd

Ascolan Trading (Pty) Ltd t-a Imraan Textile Mills

Aunde Tap (Pty) Ltd
  Beier Envirotec (Pty) Ltd
  Berg River Textiles (Pty) Ltd

Blind It Manufacturing

Bold Moves (Pty) Ltd

Border Rag Supplies cc

BSN Medical (Pty) Ltd  

Bosville Trading (Pty) Ltd

Cape Coaters (Pty) Ltd

Cedarbrook (Pty) Ltd

Coats SA (Pty) Ltd

Coimbra Trading CC trading as Nu Mymtex

Cherrybrook (Pty) Ltd

Delcorp (Pty) Ltd

Deslee Mattex (Pty) Ltd

Disclose All Trade & Investments (Pty Ltd

Elasticos Yarns (Pty) Ltd

Fibermill SA (Pty) Ltd

Gnamakagna Trading cc

Gelvenor Consolidated Fabrics (Pty) Ltd

GST Automotive Safty South Africa

Herdmans (Pty) Ltd

Helm Textile Mills (Pty) Ltd

HGH Industrial Threads

Integrated Polypropylene Products (Pty) Ltd

IWT Abrasives (Pty) Ltd

IWT Drycoat (Pty) Ltd

Just Rags cc

Korteks Textile Africa (Pty) Ltd

Lifeng Textiles (Pty) Ltd

Macbean Plastics trading as Macbean Beier Plastics

Migra Fabrics (Pty) Ltd

Mings Distributors cc

Multifibres (Pty) Ltd

Multi Thread cc

Nettex (Pty) Ltd

Old Nick cc t/a Mungo Designs

Prilla 2000 (Pty) Ltd

Parachute Systems cc

PFE Extrusion (Pty) Ltd

Polydye (Pty) Ltd

Proyarns (Pty) Ltd

Raining Goods Trade (Pty) Ltd

Saertex South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Sawadogo General Trading cc

Sitex Textiles (Pty) Ltd

Spilo (Pty)

SRF Industex Belting (Pty) Ltd

Standerton Mills (Pty) Ltd

Stretchtents International (Pty) Ltd

Suntex (Pty) Ltd

Svenmill Ltd

Tai Yuen Textile  Co S.A (Pty) Ltd

Tech-Tex (Pty) Ltd

The Curve Behind cc

The Good Hope Textile Corporation ta Da Gama Textiles

The Ragfolks cc

Tramco cc

Tradewinds Parasol (Pty) Ltd

Unica Textile Mills S.A (Pty) Ltd

VR Industrial and Cleaning Supplies cc

W - Tech Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd

Zayabeng Projects cc

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NTBC Constitution

NTBC Main Collective Agreement
Government Gazette - 40673 - 10 March 2017
Government Gazette - 38841 - 05 June 2015
Government Gazette - 37993 - 12 September 2014
Government Gazette - 36544 - 14 June 2013
Government Gazette - 34910 - 06 Janaury 2012
Government Gazette - 33782 - 26 November 2010
Government Gazette - 33385 - 23 July 2010
Government Gazette - 32781 - 11 December 2009
Government Gazette - 31799 - 23 January 2009
Government Gazette - 30969 - 18 April 2008
Government Gazette - 29578 -9 February 2007

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